The 109th Fighting Dragons Need You!

Are you looking for adventure beyond your wildest imagination?

Do you dream of visiting exotic realms of magic?

This is your chance to save the world from monstrous evil!

The Doom has risen and no one is safe. There is only one hope for survival: men and dragons must work together to hold back the bloodthirsty monsters sent to destroy us by the Doom and its Masters. Join this elite squadron and you will be partnered with a magnificent two to three-ton Battle Dragon. Like great knights, these ferocious yet intelligent creatures need a few good squires to aid them in the struggle against dark forces that threaten all good people of the Kingdom. For the first time, human and dragon will fight side-by-side, learning about each other’s culture, becoming blood brothers and magnificent heroes!

If you have the guts, serve with the Dragon Legions!

Battle Dragons, an epic, multiple-book series, written by award-winning, fantasy and horror master, Christopher Rowley.

Battle Dragons 1: The Broketail

The Fighting Dragon Legions Need You!

In the city of Marneri, it’s the annual thanksgiving for the century-old protections of the Great Spell – a time when common village dragons such as two-ton Bazil of Quosh and his strappy orphanboy, Relkin, prove themselves worthy of the Dragon Legions by fighting in the arenas. But there will be no celebration this year. The Dark Masters of Padmasa have renewed their efforts to dominate the human realms and annihilate the witch order that protects them. The kingdom’s only hope of survival is to assemble a new strike force of armored Battle Dragons and human partners to undertake a great quest and save their world.

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Battle Dragons 2: The Doom

Meet Your Doom!

Aided by a hideous terror of unbelievable cruelty known only as the Doom, dark forces, led by the evil magician, Thrembode the New, have kidnapped the Princess Besita, heir to the throne of Marneri. Its up to Bazil Broketail and the scattered forces of the 109th Fighting Dragons to rescue her from the Doom’s fortress before she can be corrupted by its powers. If the Doom succeeds, an age of darkness and savagery will descend and the light of civilization will be snuffed out. Lost in a labyrinth of evil, Bazil and Relkin must go to the very heart of the Doom’s realm, the dreadful city of Tummuz Orgmeen, and there, somehow, bring down this terrible power.

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Battle Dragons 3: Witch Sword

You’re Going To Need A Bigger Sword!

With the Queen of Birds, Lessis, on her death bed from an assassin’s blade, her apprentice, Lagdalen, is assigned to Ribela, the Queen of Mice, the most powerful and dreaded of the great witches. Along with Bazil Broketail and the 109th Marneri Dragons, they are dispatched down the River Oon to the ancient land of Ourdh where an insurgency is being fueled by the Masters of Padmasa. A Meso-Master, of all their servants the most powerful, has been sent to unleash a devastating weapon. A demon from a hot, heavy world, has been summoned to drive a maddened army of fanatics and bring down the land of Ourdh. If Ourdh falls, all of the Argonath will follow.

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Battle Dragons 4: Demon Blood

From The Pits of Dzu, Sephis Rises 

Overwhelmed by dark forces, the Dragon Legions are besieged in the city of Ourdh. The Dark Masters have created a new evil, an army of blood-soaked mud giants that wield weapons of brutal power. As the seething hordes assault the city, the Mesomaster attempts to bring the demon, Sephis, back to the world of men and crush the legions. When corruption and betrayal within the city leads to the capture of the great witch, Ribela, and her apprentice, Lagdalen, Bazil Broketail, and his dragonboy, Relkin, mount a suicidal rescue mission.

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